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Clip On Earrings - Modern (Color)

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Modern - Gold (SKU: SOL7598)Modern - Gold (SKU: SOL7598)
Fashion Red Modern Goldtone Dangle Clip On-Non Pierced Earrings 2.25 in
Modern - Gold (SKU: SOL7582)Modern - Gold (SKU: SOL7582)
Fashion Modern Red Leaf Dangle Clip On-Non Pierced Earrings Accented with Goldtone 2.5 in
Fashion Modern Red & Gold Filigree Dangle Clip On/Non Pierced Earrings 2.25 in
Fashion Modern Large Red Knot Silvertone Clip On Earrings 1.5 in
Clip Earrings - Modern (SKU: SOL6754)Clip Earrings - Modern (SKU: SOL6754)
Modern Fashion Matte Goldtone Dangle Clip On Earrings Accented with Royal Blue Bead with Clear Rhinestones 2 in
Clip On Earrings - Modern (SKU: SOL4194)Clip On Earrings - Modern (SKU: SOL4194)Modern Goldtone Clip On Earrings Accented with Aqua Blue Flowers 
Clip On Earrings - Modern (SKU: SOL3928)Clip On Earrings - Modern (SKU: SOL3928)
Modern Red Enamel Clip On Earrings Accented in Silvertones with Clear Rhinestones 
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