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TESTIMONIAL - Jo Mergel   Mount Laurel, New Jersey ( 4-21-12 )
Because I'm amazed at how WhimZ Girl Clip Earrings is able to do what they do, I just HAD to send one more testimonial.   What amazes me?  The fact that their prices remain the same even though gas prices have soared, food prices rise daily, clothing and shoes prices have doubled from what they cost a few years ago, etc.  I could easily give more examples of how many items and services cost much more than they did a year or so ago.  But you get the picture and you know this already, I'm sure!   So that's why I say I'm "amazed".    Why wouldn't I be?
Sometimes I can't believe the spectacular - gorgeous - earrings, necklaces and accessories I'm viewing on their web site!    You can easily spend an hour or more enjoying the stunning photographs that come up one after another as you shop on this web site.  One items is more beautiful than another. So,  once again, WhimZ Girl, BRAVO and thanks a million for maintaining the quality of your products, thanks for the SPEEDY service in deliveries and the courtesy with which you treat us, your customers. Your very satisfied customer, Jo Mergel.


To all of you at WhimzAccessories/Whimz Girl Clip Earrings - in EVERY department!

A few years ago I came upon your web site and was so amazed that I wrote you a letter which became my "testimonial".  

I've been a customer since then and never thought I'd write another testimonial, believe me. 

That was because I would have never guessed that you would top yourself ....out-do yourself....with the amazing new web sites you have now!   

I don't think you, at WhimZ , even realize how awesome your jewelry is. 

In case you don't, believe me when I say there are NO department stores in Manhattan or here in New Jersey that come even close to showcasing jewelry like yours. 

Your only real competition is in Italy (Milan or Florence).  But, then, who wants to buy plane tickets, pack suitcases and fly there? 

Sure, you might see the fantasy-like necklaces and bracelets, the option of clip earrings, the bridal jewelry, etc. but you'll pay outlandish, exorbitant prices for them.   

Speaking of prices, HOW DO YOU DO IT???   Unbelievable! And what fun it is to look at everything you have.  No walking in and out of stores and malls. 

No standing on line to pay for a bracelet or earrings you settled for because there wasn't enough variety.  No coming home and wishing you'd been able to have more options.    

OK - yes - I could go on and on - but maybe that's because I just spent a few hours salivating (you read it right - - - - SALIVATING) over each and every web site of yours. 

Every single item shown.  Thanks so much for everything and here's to your success!   Your very happy customer,  Jo Mergel - New Jersey




To whom it may concern: 

I don't know if you have a "testimonial" page or spot - but even if you don't, I just HAD to send you my e-mail with some applause attached! 

How your company - WhimzGirl Clip Earrings - can do what you do is simply amazing to me.
And because I find it so amazing, I've recommended (HIGHLY) you to anyone who is frustrated and disappointed in not being able to find clip earrings anywhere, really!

I received my earrings today. Not only were they packaged in a pretty blue box (I see Tiffany isn't the only place you are given a blue box for your purchase!) but when I opened the box, there were lovely pink paper "curls" surrounding my new earrings! The box would have been quite enough but those wiggly party-like 'curls' made it feel like I had been given a birthday gift!

This beautiful packaging is only half of it!

The choices given for different styles, colors, shapes, lengths, etc. of clip earrings is vast.
You can't find these earrings in department store jewelry departments. You can't find them anywhere!

The prices - which include shipping and handling - are phenominal.

HOW do you do it??? I am soooooo happy I have a place to shop now for gorgeous clip earrings. THANK YOU!

A very happy, delighted and grateful customer - Mrs. Jo Mergel (Mount Laurel, New Jersey)

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